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Re: experiences in applying a float to waza?

Chris, you've got three other threads trying to get people to explain basic concepts. How about leaving this one to answer the question that was asked?

For the OP, this is pretty much standard procedure for us these days--though different people are working the IS stuff to different degrees. Tenchinage is a good example--as soon as uke grabs wrists, nage should already be under him. This continues all through the technique--at the end, where everyone wants to throw down, we have to keep reminding them that even at the end you're not letting uke find a place to land.

Ikkyo, same way--as soon as the touch happens uke is displaced up, which then leads into the rest of the throw.

Yokumenuchi is more interesting--Sensei has always taught to move in to the attack rather than turning with it--now that moving in leads to the same kind of getting under/floating that ikkyo has--and that leads to the technique.

All the waza works and a lot of it even looks similar--it's the engine that changed.

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