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Re: "resisting" a push part 2

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
Yeah, coordination of mind and body. I get it. I train it. I do it. I've posted here on Aikiweb and in my blog descriptions of some of the exercises and methods I use in training and teaching. No secrets, no one has to come and meet me to find out what I'm doing. I'll freely share what I do with anyone who is interested.

Perhaps you can, within the context of the thread topic, explain specifically some of the exercises you do to train and focus your intent when it comes to "resisting a push".

I started doing Ki exercises in 1974.....all the testing and all of that.....and within the context of this thread the training didn't go far enough or provide enough information to have a practical application past that of a warmup or use within the dojo environment. All of these static push exercises are nothing other than beginning exercises to allow one the understanding of what is possible.....they have to be translated into moving, into motion and movement or they are still not helpful.

In the context of this thread I will be teaching a class a week from Friday and I will try to video some stuffs to compare my thoughts (my opinions) with yours and others. Hope this fits your request.

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