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Re: A simple mechanical model of body use.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I guess the real problem, is most of us don't want to take the time (or quite likely have the experience/training) to hash all of this out.

I think we can all look at is the simple stuff, and think about how that might play out.

Simple things, like force is made in muscles. The skeleton can aid in taking force and moved into the direction of the force.
Structure allows for a simple model, which is easy to understand. I don't think anyone really disagrees with the structural model as presented,

When we start to get into floating, peng jin etc (related to floating), the more IS oriended effects, it gets considerly more difficult. Thats why when I drew the blue lines, I was referring to multiple possible things.

As someone else said, its like onion layers. Thats why i gave examples of different muscle groups to use in opposition, as a foot into the door of something beyond strucutre, just like using structure is a foot in the door for establishing a groundpath.

So lets take a step back from that to something simplier, but I will address it in the other thread about taking a push.
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