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Re: Tao, english translation ?

Lars Beyer wrote: View Post
Hi Oisin, yes I mean the Tao Te Ching.
Based on a short wiki-read, Red Pine sounds interresting as well.
Do you know if there excists a "Cannonised / Officially acknowledged version" in english / american as well or is this the one, Red Pine I mean ?
Sorry, I"m not sure what you mean. The Translation by Arthur Waley seems to be well respected though.

Some of the sommentaries are very interesting if applied to Aikdo and budo in general.

For example, T'e Ching's commentary on the first verse:

"Lao Tzu's philosphy is all here. The remaining five thousand characters merely expound on this theme."(p3)

This can be applied to traditional transmisson in Budo (and other arts) where the essence to the school is contained in the first one or two techniques.

Also, this commentary on the second verse;

Sung Chang H'sing:

"Those who practice the way put and end to distinctions, get rid of name and form, and make of themselves a home for the Way and Virtue."(p6)

Sounds like something Ueshiba Morihei would say!
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