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Re: Int. Vs. Ext - resisting a push

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I can't even imagine how that could possibly happen...

I do not suggest that athletes can do this, 'omnidirectional stability'.
Ok, I think I'm done then.

I will leave you these diagrams as food for thought, each picture represents a different person (of hypothetical origin, not referring to any specific person) with a different degree of ability (displayed in ascending order) at receiving incoming force from any angle standing in a posture to receive the incoming push; a brief description of their level is below each picture.

Since the force vector is unknown I've left the arrows off the pictures (I'm also no artist!)

"You Suck"

"Minor skill"

"Coherent stability"


I don't feel qualified to discuss the inner workings via an online medium so I'm going to resign from the discussion at this point; best of luck in your training.

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