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Re: Increasing Ground Awareness for Internal Strength

Excuse me for an afterthought to my last post here:

Tohei, keeping the one point, and Shioda, this time not sinking the big toe into the surface of the ground, were frequently hopping around, both feet in the air. Both were in good balance, though, because they were throwing their partners without too much effort and, as a rule, were not unbalanced by them.
So, even if awareness of the ground here may be more the equivalent to a trained and now automatic awareness of the situation of your body in relation to the earth, i.e. the centre of gravity, both of them have awareness of the ground.

But both feet in the air, I suppose neither Tohei nor Shioda can bring the ground through their feet into their body nor to any effect. So ground path and structure may here be of less importance.

So, where is here internal strength to be found? Is it the equivalent to the ability to keep automatic balance?

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