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Re: A simple mechanical model of body use.

Dave de Vos wrote: View Post
In the human body the little ropes might correspond with the myofascial lines aka anatomy trains, like the one below. Those lines all tend to pass through the middle of the body. That would be how (in theory) one could affect the extremities with the middle.


And Compare:

And discussed:

And for those who doubt the significance of the inherent connections between static torsion, pendulums, muscular reflexive tonics, furitama -- and the stability of the human inverted pendulum -- please view the following demonstrations:

And more to human scale:

Arguably the most prevalent example of an inverted pendulum is a human being. A person with an upright body needs to make adjustments constantly to maintain balance whether standing, walking, or running.
Furitama taps the reflexive tonics in the body that provide this stability. People with essential tremors as they age, or suffer certain neurological injuries, have lost the natural and unconscious damping action that makes us not notice it -- but in them we can see it . Aiki exploits these tonic stability vibrations to disrupt that stability -- and the spirals are the product of the fact that the hinges in the body are free to swing in multiple axes.



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