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Re: unusual seiza problem - pain in BACK of knee

Thank you for all the replies. I agree with Janet that there is something wrong. I have had strains and overworked muscles before, but this pain in the hamstrings tendons is something different.

I considered Baker's cyst (and have family hx of RA), but the pain from a cyst should be in the popliteal fossa and not in the tendons on either side, right? Maybe I'm wrong about that. I also considered vascular because, when my knees swelled up, I had swelling in my ankles, too. However, again, it seems like the pain should be in the fossa with vascular or in the calf or thigh muscles, right? I was wondering about compression of soft tissues, as in maybe there is just too much mass in the calves, thighs, and knee joint, but I've seen other large people doing seiza, so I don't know.

I definitely have chondromalacia, but I can't get low enough into seiza to trigger that pain yet. That is one I'll just have to grit out, and maybe take guclosamine.

I will try the furitama. I am sad to hear about taking years to get into proper seiza. I can already see and experience that some suwariwaza don't work unless you can get your hara down and engage it properly.

Thanks again.
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