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Michael Varin wrote: View Post
That's what I disagree with. I have no experience with a tennis elbow strap. [
In that case, you have no experience or knowledge with how it compresses and provides support, and might want to refrain from judging its efficacy.

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I can say that anything that adds artificial support or binding to your body will not help heal the body to a natural state and should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary.
Really? Anything? Anything at all? Will not help in any way? And every single person who uses a tennis elbow strap, and has empirical evidence to compare their results when using it and when not using it, is completely wrong about whether it helps them? Are you sure about that five minutes?

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Tennis elbow is caused by making repeated motions in a limited range with the hand closed.
How do you define "closed"? Do you simply mean flexed, or do you mean in the form of a fist?

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It is alleviated (and prevented) by moving one's elbow through a full range of motion while one's wrist is stretched in a variety of ways.
I'll not make the mistake of guessing at what you mean by "a variety of ways". I will point out that at the point where a joint is severely inflamed, attempting a normal range of motion may not be the best idea until the inflammation is addressed first.
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