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Re: A simple mechanical model of body use.

Dave de Vos wrote: View Post
I don't know how Hunter thinks about this, but in my mind it works somewhat like a push puppet (

Little ropes connect the extremities to the control area. In the human body the little ropes might correspond with the myofascial lines aka anatomy trains, like the one below. Those lines all tend to pass through the middle of the body. That would be how (in theory) one could affect the extremities with the middle.

Effect the extremities and create specific movement in the extremities are different things.

For example. Can I effect my shoulder by moving my leg- yes. Can I raise my arm without using the muscles of the deltoid- no I cannot.

The body can work together in unison, and it should. This is athletic activity. This is why football players are so powerful, they use their body in good internal rhythm. This is athletic.

Can a person walk, using only the muscles of the core- as far as I can tell they cannot. Can a person slowly raise their arm without using the localized muscles of the arm- are far as I can tell they cannot. These are the kinds of claims that I feel I'm hearing.

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