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Re: Int. Vs. Ext - resisting a push

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I agree, there are lot's of problems with using structural alignment to deal with force. The reasons you sighted are good ones.

But my question is, what else can you do? How can you better deal with strong force coming in? The way I described is the best way I know how (within the confines of 'taking' the force). If there is another way, what is that way?
The thing is, you never want to really let that force come in, because it will effect you. That is the inherent weakness in structure. If your structure is compromised, there are ways to fix it, but it is of course dangerous to you when you are trying to fix it.

You always want to redirect it in some other way, because if it starts to effect you, and the other guy is skilled/strong enough, you will loose. If they aren't all that skilled, then you might be able to recover, and the other person will feel it kind of switch from on-off-back on as you can re-establish within yourself.

If you are able to balance those forces within yourself, the other person won't be able to compromise you, unless you screw it up within yourself when you move.
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