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Michael Varin
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Re: Tennis Elbow


I didn't disagree for arguments sake, and really don't know why you would want to argue this. I'm trying to share ideas with people that will hopefully help them, as I am sure you are too. I offer it up in contrast to things that I feel will be less or counter-productive. People can take or leave it as they choose.

You said:

Mary Malmros wrote:
In my all-too-extensive experience, the solution is to control the range of motion, ....
This is why I said:

Michael Varin wrote:
I completely disagree with Mary with regard to limiting range of motion.
That's what I disagree with. I have no experience with a tennis elbow strap. I can say that anything that adds artificial support or binding to your body will not help heal the body to a natural state and should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary.

Tennis elbow is caused by making repeated motions in a limited range with the hand closed.

It is alleviated (and prevented) by moving one's elbow through a full range of motion while one's wrist is stretched in a variety of ways. In addition to this, it is advisable that one address the tissue quality of their forearms. One does this through self-myofascial release, a.k.a. foam rolling.

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