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Re: A simple mechanical model of body use.

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
i think we posted this one before on the study about muscle usage using Kuroda sensei as the subject.

Look at the graph comparing between normal folks and Kuroda sensei. you would see that Kuroda sensei used his muscle differently than regular folks. then look at the graphs again and think in term of efficiency and energy expenditure. now replace Kuroda sensei's sword with a small weight and you got the exercise from Sigman that i mentioned. essentiall, "get underneath" the sword when you lift, and "get on top" when you cut.
I had a feeling this would come up. And I'm glad it did.

First, take a look at what muscle groups were monitored. Trapezius (green); latissimus (blue); biceps (grey); triceps (red). Note: I think this was poorly done. No part of the deltoid is monitored. And only the right side of the body was monitored. Both of these were big flaws in my opinion.

Kuroda Tetsuzan is amazing. He far out classes me. But if you tested me, I am very confident that the muscle usage would be closer to Kuroda's than to the "amateur's."

Notice that the "total movement" is the raise and cut. The first half of the graph is the raise, the middle is the cut.

The amateur has unnecessary activity in his body, i.e. tension.

Kuroda's trapezius does activate on the raise. I would also like to point out that it is easy to see that Kurodo is contracting his deltoid (I would say a rather hard contraction) in the picture of Kuroda raising the sword.

What really is so remarkable about the results of this "study"?

Where do we see the "IP/IT/IS" tells? Do we?

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