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Re: Weight shift...

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So when you punch, kick, throw, walk or pretty much do anything while standing up, do you feel a sideways weight shift?

Try simply walking forwards very slowly. When you pick your foot up off the ground, do you feel yourself start to shift/lean over to the other side? Try the same thing with both feet together, and pick one foot up and set it down shoulder width without falling onto it.

What happens if you don't get that shift? Whats the martial value in it?

I find training something like this a heck of a lot harder than waza practice.
"Okay, here I come with my sword! I sure hope you don't cut me just as I am flat-footed because that would suck! Okay we're right up on each other now! I am about to cut you, okay? I am about to cut your right shoulder! Please just stand there until I am finished!"
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