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I completely disagree with Mary with regard to limiting range of motion.

The cause of tennis elbow is in the muscles and connective tissue of the forearm, not in the elbow joint. You can alleviate the pain fairly quickly and easily.
Apparently you don't know this, but a tennis elbow strap is not applied to the elbow. It is applied to the forearm and compresses the connective tissue immediately distal to the elbow joint.

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
You have to know your body.
How ironic; I couldn't agree more. I had serious tennis elbow in both elbows, and got over it using the method I described. Of course YMMV. You stated that you did something that APPEARS TO YOU to be different from what I did, and it worked, but you did not state that you tried my approach and found that it failed. Is that the case? If not, what's the basis of your "disagreement"?
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