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Mark Jakabcsin
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Re: Weight shift...

Several years ago at a seminar Vladimir and I were watching a couple of guys training. He asks me what I see about them. I look for awhile and I see a couple of new guys, motion okay for new, stiff but moving and training hard. I am frustrated as I know this is not what Vlad wants me to see but I am stumped. I finally give my weak answer and he shakes his head like I am.......a short bus kid. He provokes me to look/see several more times but this slow kid ain't getting it so he tells me to look at how they are when they are doing the drill and compare it to when they are done with the drill, getting up off the floor and repositioning for another go. I finally see what he means. It was like each person was two different people in how they moved. One person doing the drill and another immediately after the drill.

Vlad then says, "You cannot walk one way, every day of your life and then expect at your greatest moment of need that you will walk a different way." (or words to that affect).

Take care,

Mark J.

Take care,

Mark J.
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