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Re: Nihon Goshin Aikido

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I...It's fine if you don't wish to answer the question, but it's not necessary to tell me to go search...
hey there mar,

i wouldn't take a suggestion to search personally...i'd think that's a basic first answer to many questions that may have been asked many times on forums. i'm sure walter was just saying search aikiweb. NGA has been covered a bit on the forum in the past.

anyways, back on topic kinda, when i started aikido, i had no idea of what federations or associations or cult-like groups existed. i just wanted information. the first book i bought on the subject was 'aikido and the dynamic sphere,' which i devoured in a weekend, and the first video i bought was one by robert macewen and one of his uke was a young walter kopitov.

again i had no idea that there was 'this aikido' or 'that.' but these two pieces were a great introduction to the art for me.

practice hard
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