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Devon Smith
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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Devon, nice you have a source for it, I have never seen that and would love to read more about this. There is so much pro Gracie propaganda out there in the world that I am alway looking for other sources that are less biased.
Hi Kevin,

I interviewed Yoshishige Okai myself as well as some other long-time members of Hakkoryu via email thanks to the translation help of a good friend last year. The Gracie anecdote was only a small part of his larger story about how he became interested in shiatsu and later training in jujutsu after his experience with judo. He is still very active at his clinic in the city of Porto, Portugal.

I haven't yet had the chance to meet Yoshishige in person, but I enjoyed meeting and training with his son Ryutaro last year during his first visit to the USA while attending the Hakkoryu jikiden sessions in New Jersey. Ryutaro's shiatsu and jujutsu is excellent, a compliment to his father.

More about Yoshishige Okai:

Devon Smith
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