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Brian Beach
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Re: Teaching front rolls


I have the DVD and also have kids that lead with their rear that I'm trying to help "fix". I learned a similar way you teach the rolls in another art but they find a way to twist themselves into knots.

My method is: feet together. Feet shoulder width apart. Take a step forward (right for this example). Place your left hand down palm flat (like a three point stance in American Football) Place your right hand inside with fingers pointing back at your left foot. Look over your left shoulder. Watch your left foot go straight over your head. Pancake landing and all that entails.

Usually they can get into position but it all breaks down when they start to move. The head holding actually exasperates it. Everything but the head tries to rotate to the front lead by the rear. The front leg knee hits, then usually the elbow and around comes the rear.

Any ideas on a fix?
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