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Re: "Internal" and "External"

Alfonso Adriasola wrote: View Post
Chris, "internal" vs "external" in martial arts is about martial arts from china; Buddhist vs Daoist , Qing vs Ming.
I think this is a sticking point for our discussions. Most of the people here who use the word Internal or the word External are not serious students of chinese martial arts. Now if we were talking about the difference between Neijia and Weijia, and people were useing those words, and relating them back to specific styles of Chinese martial arts, I would agree with you. But we are clearly starting to make our own definition of what we mean when we use the english words internal, or external martial arts.

Both types are interested in developing and using Qi as the engine behind it, both have conditioning of the body through breath as important aspects to it, both are related to lineage; both are based on a worldview that is not the one used in scientific descriptions; but an empirical knowledge non the less.
Again if we were talking about Neijia and Weijia I would say you are correct. But we are not talking about Chinese martial arts here, we are talking about how aikido people are using the words. Many of whom have probably never trained seriously in a Chinese system.

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