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Lee Salzman
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Re: "Internal" and "External"

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
the reason i used the spoon is because it's a light object. for internal folks (i am safe from speak for the internal folks since none of them near me which won't allow them to kill me), we don't differentiate light objects or heavy objects. the old saying "one moves, all move." so to pick up the spoon, i used the fingers which connected to the rest of the body which then also move, i.e. i powered the spoon lifting with my whole body. i bring the ground to the spoon. not only that, i also focus on breathing to aid the lifting, and focus on be able to handle forces applied (imaginary) to me in various directions at the same time as i am lifting the spoon. this allows me to be "on" all the time (except for when i am intimate moments...maybe), so that i don't have a different response for a different thing. terms like efficiency or better or good and so on, just doesn't make much sense here. it's down right a strange way of doing things. heck, most folks just reach out and pick up the spoon without a second thought, regardless they are athletics or not. internal folks are really a bunch of nut jobs.

see my respond above.
That's the core of it, phi! When one eats with a spoon, they are not worried about being attacked by other spoons from all directions at any time. If one weight lifts a spoon, or throws a spoon, or, I don't even know why people are doing that all to this poor little spoon, but regardless, their focus is uni-directional and fixated on that one action - they have lost awareness and integration of all the other directions of potential and actual spoon defense. We are not at the mercy of any incidental spoon because we are using all possible spoons in all possible directions, real or imagined, all the time. That sounds crazy. Where are my meds?
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