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Re: "Internal" and "External"

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
Sure, I think some topics of conversation could be:

hip usage
using ones own weight
waist usage
the role of breath
the opponents weight/mass

from there i think it would be appropriate then to move on to push tests, or simple waza.

Would anyone like to discuss some of the above?
Hunter, I think good athletics strongly encourage training in all of the above things listed. I don't think working with this is outside of any professional athletes knowledge.

As far as "external" martial arts go, I'm not sure I've studied any, maybe Kendo? When I studied Kendo, I would say most all of those things were discussed. In Subwrestling, BJJ, Aikido, MMA, Muay thai, Wing Chun, and any other art I've studied, I can think of people talking about these things.

As far as I know of "internal" arts I've studied- Those things are all important as well.

I have never studied any physical activity that didn't address the things on the list.

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