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Re: "Internal" and "External"

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This describes my over simplification, that Neijia is about learning the most efficient way to do something. These ways may not be "natural" to the way you already move, but they are more efficient, so you don't need as much physicality to move powerfully. This can be hard as time goes on because you've practices improper technique for so long.
this is one of the main point in the argument between external and internal. i wouldn't use the word improper technique, but the argument is that external practices have to be "unlearn" in order to do internal, because of the muscles that you used in external practices countered the muscles and others stuffs that internal uses. one of the reason where a number of folks who quit their martial arts to focus on internal practices to "rewire" their body, then after some times, they would resume their martial arts and move quite differently than other folks. the article mentioned about blending the two and the difficulties of that. based on my experience so far, it's difficult to mix the two training approaches.

one curiousity of mine about a number of your posts, do you think that folks who practiced the so-called "internal" that discussed with you here on aikiweb and elsewhere, haven't done sports or participate in atheletics training before?

Me too, I'm just not planning on physically beating a youth with my body alone(see above)- that's much more treacherous, if you ask me.
no, you don't beat a youth with your own body. you need to rip the arm off the youth or someone else, and beat them with it. or you can go texas chain saw approach which would be alot more fun, especially when you got screaming co-ed, why they always scream and wear so little clothing? not that i am complaining, my you.

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