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Re: Traditional Aikido? Iwama Aikido?

"Traditional" has gained a comment currency specifically in the UK as a label meaning Aikikai/Iwama style (in fact anything that isn't Tomiki/Ki/Yoshinkai). It is also used by groups who have a long history of practising aikido, but aren't affiliated to the Aikikai. I have on accasion met people who say what they do is "traditional aikido" but not "Aikikai style", often with a dismissive curl of the lip as they say the latter.

There is an additional and more widespread connotation: because Morihiro Saito's first series of books were entitled "Traditional Aikido", some Iwama-aligned groups use the phrase as a kind of trade mark.

I personally don't like the description - I can't see how a martial art like aikido that only has three generations of history can be "traditional" in any meaningful way, beyond abiding by the common etiquette of Japanese martial arts...

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