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Chris Knight
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Re: "Internal" and "External"

The anecdotal empirical results say, well, to be blunt, our intent for the most part is crap and we need to work on it - there really aren't any people who start up on "internal" training with good intent on day one, at least from the couple hundred people I have seen by now. It takes work, lots of work
Damn straight Lee, my initial thought was "of course i move with intent!"

then you meet someone who does

it's the hardest thing I've probably done with my body, using intent to create palpible movement and changes within my body, without moving...

Try this, have someone push on you and move them with intent alone,with no external movement

It's incredibly hard? And more so without a trained body in the 1st place

As one internal guy said, you can't create in-yo without intent, it's just a waste of time
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