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Re: "Internal" and "External"

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
Chris, you have selective filter on.

"If one practices Waijia, in the beginning one's good personal physical condition will bring more
obvious advantage than if from practicing Neijia. This is because Waijia follow natural ability or
the body's natural way of moving.
Again, I believe words like "natural" are confusing us. But I read this to say "at first physical condition will bring obvious advantage" the reason this is, is simply because you move the way you are already moving, so you don't have to learn anything new. But the improved physical condition will improve your movement. This is why I said that in that article Waijia is basically described as improving physicality.

But for Neijia practice, sometimes natural ability can just be a
disadvantage or hindrance to acquiring Neijia skill. This is why for beginners Waijia is much
easier than Neijia. When people attempt to advance from middle level to high level skill, even for
Waijia, the most important thing is internal training. For most people who have trained for a long
time in Waijia it will be difficult to catch up in the internal training. But for most middle level Neijia
people, it will be not too difficult. This is why many Waijia practitioners learn Neijia when they get
older. They know what they want but they feel their Waijia training is too difficult to achieve higher
level skill due to the decline in physical ability when one gets older. They want to use Neijia to help
themselves in this way. Also this is why many Neijia practitioner want to mix some Waijia skill in
the beginning of their training. They are worried that their beginning level Neijia skill is not good
enough for fighting."
This describes my over simplification, that Neijia is about learning the most efficient way to do something. These ways may not be "natural" to the way you already move, but they are more efficient, so you don't need as much physicality to move powerfully. This can be hard as time goes on because you've practices improper technique for so long.

why aged is a major factor in atheletes? why most atheletes retired in their 30s or earlier, if not then doping heavily?
I assume here you are talking about top level athletes. Professional athletes have to master both efficient movement technique (neijia) and have powerful bodies (weijia). At their level you can't just be good at one or the other. So as their bodies age, even though they have great "neijia" they can't compete with younger athletes who have close to the same "neijia" but have way better "weijia" (because of youth). There are of course some athletes who have such phenomenal technique that they can compete much later in life. But these athletes still need decent physical bodies- everyone retires at some point.

question here is when most of your muscle are gone or when you passed by and into your 40s and not into doping, what will you do?
Nothing is going to change the fact that I will get old. That also doesn't mean I plan to roll over and die. I'll probably start being even better armed when I leave the house- that improves my "weijia" as my physicality gets big bonus points from the weapons advantage.

me, i am investing in old age.... and treachery!
Me too, I'm just not planning on physically beating a youth with my body alone(see above)- that's much more treacherous, if you ask me.

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