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Cady Goldfield
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Re: "Internal" and "External"

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
and yet still no mention of intent from anyone??
Sure. I did.

In other words, an "internal" process is non-linear/non-sequential, constant cycle of manipulations; does not rely on outwardly visible centripedal, forward and/or downward-drop momentum movements and doesn't involve the use of the waist-torso-upper body musculature to generate "strength" and power. It employs unconventional groups of muscle and connective tissues not typically associated with body movement or power generation, and refined use of these is not outwardly visible, or is barely so. And, mental intent is used to generate and hold all of these processes together.
I intentionally didn't pursue that in detail, though, because it would beg a whole new topic of discussion, and this thread is complicated enough as is.
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