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Re: "Internal" and "External"

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A question (and I'm not taking sides, here):

Is it possible that people who are "natural athletes" just "get it"? That somehow prior to and regardless of the "training" they have an entirely different experience of moving their body?

I am not saying that these things cannot be refined with specific training, but why are these people better at what they do than the rest of us? Is it just genetics?

I'm considered by most to be a very intelligent person. My wife, not so much (thank God she hates AikiWeb ). For the life of me, I cannot speak a foreign language. My wife picks them up like nothing.
You can find examples of the various conditioning aspects that goes into IP in all sorts of places, but having some of that conditioning doesn't, IMO, make it IP and it also doesn't touch on using that conditioning in a specific, intelligent way to both manage forces acting on you or output forces against someone else. It also doesn't get anywhere near addressing the role intent plays in both using that relaxed structure and/or managing/moving forces through the body.
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