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Re: "Internal" and "External"

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So, if there is a difference, I think Chris and I are arguing that the dicussion is alot more complex than simply using two words. and I agree with his assessment that on the paradigm that it is most often discussed by people who really don't understand the complexity of different types of movement it is done so in the context of "good" "bad" movement vice different physcialities
other folks might assign good/bad to the whole internal/external. i don't. the term i would use is "different". for example, you can resist a push to your arm with just your arm is different from resist using your entire body in a very stiff way (but the whole body never the less) or resist using the whole body in a relax way or not resist at all by step out of the way and the push goes by and so on and so forth. they are all different. many of the parameters that all the age old warriors have to consider. as we aged, we will be older, weaker, slower. and since there will always be folks who are younger, faster, and stronger, what are we planning to do, roll over and die? don't think so. we, of the silver hair (in more places than one ) folks, would like to even the playing field a bit by using treachery. we came up with an approach that the young, fast and strong wouldn't think of training. why would they? since they are younger, faster, and stronger, why would they spend tedious time working on some of these strange exercises that don't seem to amount to much, the kind that are for old people. why would they do such thing? so you see, the IP/IS training is really an old age treachery approach to balance out youth and strength. i ran into such act of treachery a few years back when i was training at Saotome's backyard dojo. for folks who have been there, it's small and had that balcony wrapped around. Saotome sensei bounced my push back at me and sent me staggering back almost to the balcony. i was much younger, stronger and faster than him. so he tricked me and made me look weak. such act cannot be go unchallenged. to that end, i had to learn such thing from IP/IS so that when i reached his age, i could, one day, pull the same trick to some other young buggers!

it's just different. it's just a tool in the box.

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