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Re: Other suburi than Iwama

Alex Megann wrote: View Post
I remember Ikeda (Masatomi) and Hosokawa Senseis demonstrating forms from this style, which seemed to put a lot of emphasis on the breath. Very different from the swordwork I was used to (at that time mainly Saito-style suburi and the kesagiri from Kashima Shinryu), but very nice to watch. Ikeda and Hosokawa were both students of Tada Sensei, though I don't know if the latter specifically studied Jiki Shinkage Ryu.

I didn't realise that Sokaku Takeda had a connection with this school.

That is really interesting, Alex. I've attended classes with people who trained with Ikeda, and the breathing excercises they do really seemed familiar but I couldn't place from where. Your post helped me recall a demo I witnessed in Japan at a zen gasshuku of jikishinkage ryu (there is historical connection between the rinzai school of zen and jikishinkage ryu via Tesshu Yamaoka).

The demonstrators did a lot of these breathing techniques and some kata, none of the suburi though. I also demonstrated daito ryu at the gasshuku.

Personally, I couldn't see a huge connection between Daito ryu and Jikishinkage ryu. The breathing techniques struck me as being more akin to goju ryu style karate, and even some sumo conditioning exercises..

I"m no expert in this ryu at all, but the demonstrators in your video looked very different to the demo I witnessed. The way they used their feet was completely different.

Oh, I believe, Ishida Kazusoto, who was a chief justice in Japan and close friend of both Horikawa Kodo and Shioda Gozo, was ranked in this ryu (He definately was ranked in a style of itto ryu)

As a personal observation, I was always told that daito ryu and itto ryu were closely related. I actually think daito ryu and tatsumi ryu have a lot of similarities (to my eyes). However, I have never trained in a sword ryu. There is enough to learn about grabbing before moving on to stabbing
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