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Re: "Internal" and "External"

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Internal is driven from center. External from whatever body part is moving.
So modern athletics are not external? Are modern athletics internal, or are they another category?

The origin of the terms is pretty much self-evident.
What is that?

If you feel a directional force on the point of contact, it's probably external. You can test this by pulling away suddenly. If your partner follows you, leaving themselves open, it's definitely external.
So if an "internal" person pushes you you can't tell where the force is coming from? Is over committing to a push (when you move your pusher moves) something internal people never do, for example, if they need to move something, and it is at the edge of their pushing power, would they never use their body weight directly on the object? Why or why not?

If there's no force you can identify on the point of contact and you're falling anyway, and you didn't throw yourself off balance with a dopy attack, it's internal.
So if an internal person contacts you, you cannot tell that the force is coming from the point of contact? If you throw yourself off balance, but it wasn't a "dopy attack" could that be internal? Or does internal only use the IP persons 'push'?

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