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Re: A Consideration of Aikido Practice within the Context of Internal Training

Tore Eriksson wrote: View Post
Deriving from 漢字源:

武 is running (止) around wielding a halberd (矛), looking for enemies.
賦 is running (止) around, presumably still wielding a halberd (矛), looking for money (貝).

A character slightly more difficult to explain would be
鵡 (tinplate)
which was apparently made up from scratch from the sound of dutch blik...
Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post

A variation of 鵡 is 鸚. This time, instead of 武 on the left side you have 嬰, which brings us back to 貝 again, this time with 女. (Also from 漢字源, p. 1742.)

(Ellis, apologies for the thread drift.)
Aggrevating the thread drift...
My mistake, I copied-and-pasted the wrong kanji. It was supposed to be 錻, not 鵡.
Sorry for writing incomprehensible drivel, I promise to stop now!
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