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Re: Perhaps the tide is changing.

Good stuff Chris. I think today we are dealing with a more critical "customer" who is more informed. There is also alot more "experts" out there to choose from.

I think maybe somethings have changed and aikido as we know it in the past may have a smaller subset of folks whereas 20 years ago, you'd get alot more trying it out for a year or two and then leaving.

I'd wonder if based on these assumptions if attrition is going down. If you have a more critical consumer, well then it would also stand to reason that they are preselecting and therefore, you should see less attrition because you are getting a more serious student.

Also, though, I think that people might today be less concerned with the eastern trappings and more about "no kidding, what do your have for me".

Thanks for you thoughts and observations!

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