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Re: Perhaps the tide is changing.

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Hi Chris:

Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts.
The following are just my thoughts and not judgment about what anyone else is doing.

I taught and trained in Self-defense for 16 years along side of Aikido. It was important to me for a long time. I really needed to feel safe and develop skills and strategies.
Then it become not the way for me anymore. The philosophy of Aikido is what makes the difference for me.

Self-defense seems to be focusing on the problem whereas Aikido seems to me to be focusing on the solution. Our dojo will continue to teach Aikido as we see perceive it. I feel the trend may change back to more peaceful arts. When that happens we will accept that, too.
How do you see self-defense focusing on the problem and aikido focusing on the solution? How does your aikido practice prevent other folks' violence? How is aikido being a martial art not self-defense, and therefore equally focusing on the problem? What do you see as the problem, and as the solution?
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