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Re: A Consideration of Aikido Practice within the Context of Internal Training

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Hello Ellis,
In the passage by Morihei Ueshiba, quoted above, another term appears, which is composed of the same radicals as BU. The compound word is 賦課 FUKA and the dictionary definition is ‘levy’ or ‘assessment’. So we should be able to give a similar analysis to the first character, FU, which contains the BU combination of radicals, 戈 and 止, plus one other, 貝, which means ‘shellfish’ or ‘shell’. FU means ‘tribute’, ‘payment’, ‘installment’. But how do we analyze the combination of radicals? Shellfish stopping spears? Stopping spears with shellfish? The character appears on p. 1278 of the same dictionary, but, alas, there is no analysis comparable to the one I quoted for BU.
Deriving from 漢字源:

武 is running (止) around wielding a halberd (矛), looking for enemies.
賦 is running (止) around, presumably still wielding a halberd (矛), looking for money (貝).

A character slightly more difficult to explain would be
鵡 (tinplate)
which was apparently made up from scratch from the sound of dutch blik...
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