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Ethan Weisgard
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Re: Other suburi than Iwama

Hello Leon,

Suburi means practice swing or strike in Japanese. You use the word in Japanese for any kind of instrument that is wielded in this manner. The word is used in martial arts that include weapons forms where you do repeated exercises with them in order to better your form. In sports such as golf and baseball you also practice "suburi."

If you google tissier + suburi you will find Tissier Sensei's version of bokken suburi. This is just one example of many, where you will find the movements are different from the Iwama suburi. Of course there will always be elements that are the same, but you will find that the suburi of the given style are structured so they enhance the unique forms and usage of the ken as applied in this style.

In aiki,

Ethan Weisgard
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