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Re: U.S.Marines studying IS?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
How is this "IS"? Sounds like they are interested mindfulness.
yes, the article suggests they are searching for "mindfulness" as do you, but i'll bet it they meet the right people they will quickly come to know what they are really interested in.
most budo men i know would love to know/do what folks like Dan, Mike and a few others do. if they are searching, they will find the right stuff. it's just not in that many places. from what i hear, it involves alot of "mindfulness." not sure what the School Infantry-West at Camp Pendleton's got going, or who they got for instructors, but i'd like to see Dan stop in and teach them some stuff. i'd like to see them get their "mindfulness" in a way that can be universally utilized. anyway, i don't have a clue about all this is mumbo jumbo anyway! the article just reminded me of my friends that hang out here in the Non-Aikido Martial Traditions forum.

hey Kevin, nice to hear from you. you ever spend any time with Mike Veltri of DC Aikido?

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