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Re: 100) Your Aikido Matters: January 2013

I have been exploring how to adjust and condense the longer, classical Aikido technique forms that I learned for more contemporary sorts of attacks. It has been very interesting! With only minor adjustments the basic techniques of iriminage, shihonage, ikkyo, sankyo, kotegaeshi, etc can be applied in very short, quick ways against straights, roundhouses, chest shoves and so on. Here's a few examples:

Anybody else modifying technique for more contemporary attacks? If so, what have you discovered?

Just so you all know, I've been doing Aikido for over twenty-five years. I'm not some novice mucking about (though to someone who's been doing Aikido for fifty years, that may be how I seem. Ah, well.) I'm also not abandoning practice of the classical forms in pursuit of the adapted technique. After all this time classical Aikido still has much to teach me.

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