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Re: Aikikai Kagami Biraki Promotions

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Peter,
Congrats on the recent promotion.It would be interesting to see a copy of Aikikai accounts. Perhaps having a possible cultural status / charitable type setup [plus a good tax consultancy]might mean no taxes are paid?Almost like some of the millionaires in U.S.A/U.K.Here in the U.K the poor tighten their belts[benefits cut left and right ] and the Top Men get tax reductions giving them 100, 000 plus extra dosh.Its a cruel world dont you think?? Joe.

Thank you. I believe that you have been elevated to Shihan status. Right? In Japan there are several types of legal foundation, other than the Aikikai's koeki zaidan hojin and these, too, have a favourable tax situation. As Christopher Li stated, the Aikikai publishes minimal accounts on the Japanese language section of the website, but these do not give much information, especially to the untrained eye.

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