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Re: easily accessible videos of Internal Training in Aikido?

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
... I think there is some relation ... but I don't think, videos of Endo sensei will help to get into internal practice.
fair enough. i wasn't sure whether the 'atari and musubi' bits of his video was just a different terminology of describing internal practice. thanks for the clarification.

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
here is a video of Ikeda sensei talking about using breathing to aid your movement using close and open body through breath

or this one for dantien/hara movement

or this one - which sort of an SJT (stupid jin trick) where jin does not depend on structure. demo, not necessary training.

or this - sort of basic "four-legged animal" and i am the control end. demo, not necessary training.

cross reference this with the aiki-taiso exercises
first movement is similar to open-close body to Ikeda video (tekubikosa and johokosa undo)
second movement - funakogi undo
third movement - ikkyo undo
fourth - sayu undo

problem is video won't show you what all the gazillion things going on inside the person body that the person is focus his/her intention on.
Thanks for so much for the list Phi! Videos and words may never compare to direct contact, but I hope to be able to integrate at least some bits of it together. Please feel free to add more here whenever you come across something else.

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
But without more context I'm not sure how helpful they'd be.
And all things considered I suppose there's nothing else I can tell you other than wishing you luck.
Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I agree with Hugh, what you can see in video is generally not that useful unless you already know what to look for to some degree. We've got lots of video of Ueshiba and it doesn't seem to help folks all that much.
sounds like there is an extremely strong consensus that IHTBF before any videos as such would be remotely of use. i'll certainly take that on board and just hoard as much as i can until i get some direct lessons and come back to my little treasure pile. thanks all.
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