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I'm not sure I led. I've tried to ask this question before but it didn't seem very well formed then either...
I'm curious about the kinds of effects one might get simply by training with people who have a highly developed internal strength process. If O Sensei came up to you and started moving your body around, what, if anything, would be the result as it relates to having IS? I gather from past conversations that many people essentially don't know how they do what they do and I'm wondering to what exent this might come about simply from having large degrees of exposure to people who do.

How do IS/aiki bodies (highly developed) impact non-IS bodies (not developed) as it relates to making an "aiki body?" Do IS or proto-IS qualities get transmitted simply through interactions?
Well I think that's how the people who got something from him actually got it. When you feel a certain quality from someone enough, it probably clues you in on replicating that quality in yourself, but as we see, that's not a particularly reliable way to get those skills and not a good one when it comes to passing that sliver along to other people. I don't think you can put any hard number on it, but experience tells us it's not much, IMO.

edit: The chinese arts don't seem any different BTW. IMO it takes feeling and good instruction to at least get a foot in the door where you can take more control of your training.

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