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Re: easily accessible videos of Internal Training in Aikido?

here is a video of Ikeda sensei talking about using breathing to aid your movement using close and open body through breath

or this one for dantien/hara movement

or this one - which sort of an SJT (stupid jin trick) where jin does not depend on structure. demo, not necessary training.

or this - sort of basic "four-legged animal" and i am the control end. demo, not necessary training.

cross reference this with the aiki-taiso exercises
first movement is similar to open-close body to Ikeda video (tekubikosa and johokosa undo)
second movement - funakogi undo
third movement - ikkyo undo
fourth - sayu undo

problem is video won't show you what all the gazillion things going on inside the person body that the person is focus his/her intention on.

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