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Best "Martial Aiki" video demonstration

Can anybody out there recommend a good video that presents the "martial" aspect of aikido?

I've seen many good instructional videos, but this is not what I am looking for. I'm interested in some good footage of nage dealing with (controlling) uke decisively. I'm not anxious to see broken bones, but I would like to see a good exposition of the more militant side of aikido. Perhaps what I am looking for falls under the heading of Aiki Jujutsu ...

I've found that many of this type of footage is vintage, in fact I've seen some brief vintage clips of Kanai Sensei that were just dazzling. From what I've described, is O Sensei's early video "Aiki Budo" good?

Any other video recommendations (Aikio, Daito ryu, Yanagi ryu, etc.) are greatly appreciated.

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