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Krystal Locke
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Teaching front rolls

So, in the kids' class, there's this one guy. He is a really good student, in the universe of the kids' class. He has progressed well over a couple years or so of training. His technique is on par, and he can back roll well.

Thing is, he will tie himself in knots to do a back roll rather than to figure out how to front roll. He will do just about anything to avoid a front roll and roll backwards. Other thing is, he has done this long enough that it is almost functional for him.

Anyone else ever have a student that had just programmed himself into back rolls? Anything I can do as an only occasional instructor for that class? Yah, I'm gonna ask sensei about it before I try anything, just looking for some tips on dehardwiring someone who is all of 11 years old.
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