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Re: Just a FWIW after a seminar...

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Kids make great ukes for this stuff. Especially daughters. :-)

I was in the British Museum with one of my daughters last fall. I'm standing around minding my own business when she comes up to me and hisses, "Dad! Stop it!"
Me: "Huh? Stop what?"
Her: "That thing you do! Stop it! That guy sitting on the bench over there just said to his wife, 'Why is that man standing in a Tai Chi stance?'"

I figure since Jun made this forum for the IS stuff, let's make it work, which I think means anytime you want to talk about internals practice it's appropriate here.
People make fun of me all the time for doing weird twirly things with my hands or doing the horstance or hugging imaginary trees and all that. whenever I do it, they just roll their eyes and are all "ugggh...hes at it again". lol

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