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Re: Just a FWIW after a seminar...

I think you used the letters "I" and "S" in the same post, so this is the right forum. </snark>

I find car seats and plane seats ideal for playing with dantien. Hips and shoulders are held in place so you know if anything's moving it's pretty much got to be all that stuff in between.

A lot of this stuff feels to me like one of those science museum boards where you have a row of buttons and row of lights and you have to press the button that goes with the right answer. I've got this panel of buttons in my brain, and they all hook up to something somewhere in my body, but finding the one that stimulates the result I want--and finding it reliably without fumbling over a dozen other buttons along the way--is a challenge.

Evolution doesn't prove God doesn't exist, any more than hammers prove carpenters don't exist.
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