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Mert Gambito
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Re: Increasing Ground Awareness for Internal Strength

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I think that Oisin Bourke gave a counter example in that thread - there's another example by Youichi Shiosaka in this post.

Sagawa did make some comments in this post about that picture, which suggests to me that the picture was probably staged.

Nothing unusual about that, most pictures from that time were posed - Stan posted a comment from Toby to that effect on the discussion of that article in response to my comment that it looked posed rather than faked.


Thanks Chris.

Jim --- I used that photo, staged or not, because it's so iconic. Regardless, there's no doubt Kata Guruma (whether by that name or another) is in Daito-ryu. I'm just curious if reversals to it are taught, and if so, how the various branches teach them (more of a rhetorical question / curiosity than anything else).

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