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Re: Internal Training is Aikido II

Since this topic has started up again I'll post part of the reply that I sent direct to Jun (and Janet, who was the only post to the original thread before it was closed). The original thread appears here:

Here are some more of my thoughts on the matter:

I don't disagree with a seperate forum (ala weapons training), in principle.

One objection to the "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" was that threads posted there don't show up in the "Active Forums" section on the front page, effectively blackholing them from the general population. I'm happy to see that this is not the case for the Internal Training forum.

I do object to number 1:

If you wish to discuss the subject of internal training, your posts must reside in the above Internal Training forum. This means that if you wish to add your thoughts from an internal training standpoint to an already existing thread, you need to start a new thread in the Internal Training forum. Otherwise, if I see posts outside of the Internal Training forum with overt references to internal training, I will either move them or simply delete them.
in that people mentioning (for example) weapons in the context of another Aikido discussion are not required to open a new thread in the weapons section, nor are their threads moved there if they happen to touch on weapons training in Aikido.

The implication is clearly, IMO, that you are saying that Internal Training is something seperate from the rest, and ought to be treated differently by the rest.

Further, even in Iwama weapons were part of the integrated training methodology of O-Sensei, but while they expressed the principles of Aikido, weapons training was not itself considered the core principle of Aikido. With Internal Training we are talking about something that, in the mind of many, is itself the core principle of Aikido, which can make it difficult to discuss many things in any real depth without reference to it.

Like I said - tell Ki Society folks that they can't talk about Ki anymore in the general discussion and I think you'll get a similar reaction.

Anyway, that's my say.