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I probably didn't word that right. To get to an IP proponents level, as a body skill separate to any form etc in my eyes would take more than my current half an hour a day, in anyone's book. To get really proficient at this stuff, you need constant corrective support, at least 1 training partner and a few hours of daily training. I can notice the difference after training daily for 3-4 months etc, but I've had a few family emergencies recently and therefore having stopped for a couple of weeks, it feels like you've lost everything you started to develop in your body. In my eyes, it's a constant practice in whatever we're doing in our daily lives, which for some can probably be too much of an effort, balancing daily life etc.
Chris, it depends on how you structure your practice. if you wait fro the right time of the day or a particular schedule of practice, then it's hard to make a great deal of progress. however, if you make practice part of your daily life movement, then you will be practice all the time (except for when you are in those intimate moments with the missus, you really don't want to do any of these funky stuffs; otherwise, she might think you are into some kinky karma sutra stuffs, which might not be a bad thing). take for example, bring the ground to everything you do: picking up tooth brush, picking up spoon/fork/knife, picking up your child, bag of grocery, and so on. stretch your imagination a bit and you will find that you can practice all the time. it's a "do" right, the way of life, yes? where i live, most folks don't care or interest in these stuffs, so i just practiced by myself. i got ideas from various IP folks and tried to work out the problem for myself. sometimes things worked, sometimes, not so. but it keeps thing interesting; otherwise, i would be bore out of my skull and start to post strange comments on aikiweb. oh wait, i already do that! nevermind!

you already know the what. now you just need to figure the how that works for you. of course the why is important too, but mostly the Y has more leotard women than we realized.

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