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A different perspective: I think kimchee is just awful (but, I just don't see the attraction to any pickled product, actually - sorry).........I was stationed in Korea for 14 1/2 months. This was when Korea was a third world country, not like now. The whole country and the people smelled of kimchee. It was such a staple part of their diet that it came out of their pores, but you get used to it. But, it did make me wonder what us GIs smelled like, with our penchant for meat and potatoes (excluding C rations).......I still wonder about this? You can usually smell smokers, for instance, even when not smoking, and excluding the smell from their clothes.

People's diet must play a role in how they smell, especially to outsiders........Thoughts?
I recall reading that in the 1600s, the Japanese found Portuguese sailors to be the stinkiest beings imaginable, exuding from every pore the stench of the rancid butter that was a staple on their long, pre-refrigeration sea voyages.

By contrast, I find garlicky kimchee to be a far pleasanter "stink" than rancid butter (an aroma I first encountered in Nepal, in the form of rancid yak butter used by Tibetan traders to flavor their tea... :P )
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